Over the years, TUIT members have come from a variety of backgrounds. As a team, we pride ourselves on our:

Analysts are provided with extensive training in modeling, financial concepts, and fundamental analysis. TUIT goes beyond classroom concepts by teaching each analyst to build various valuation models, skills invaluable in academic and professional pursuits. In addition, TUIT helps members with interview preparation and helps develop presentation and writing skills via market discussions, reports, and team stock pitches.

Members can expect:

  • In-depth debates about investment ideas and the opportunity to manage a live, student-run $35,000 equity portfolio

  • Daily interactive market discussions on a wide range of topics and industries

  • Hands-on financial modeling and financial statement analysis

  • Weekly lectures and case studies on market trends and M&A transactions

  • Valuable career guidance and professional development via personalized mentorship

  • Close-knit group of friends throughout college and beyond


New members go through rigorous training which includes “boot camp," a series of seminars in which older members teach basic accounting, fundamental analysis, and valuation techniques necessary for each new analyst. The skills acquired by analysts during boot camp serve as a foundation for other techniques and are consistently applied and refined throughout the year via stock pitches, market reports, case studies, “Food for Thought” presentations, workshops, and mentorship.

Mentorship is essential for professional and personal refinement, and every analyst is given a mentor to help foster continuous growth of knowledge. Mentors are able to provide guidance with team assignments, as well as academic and career support outside of team meetings.  All members are also encouraged to reach out to TUIT alumni, who continually provide a wealth of information to help educate and mentor younger members.


The key to our continued success stems from the exceptional talent pool at The University of Texas at Austin.

TUIT’s selection process is highly competitive, starting with resume and application submission. Selected individuals then interview with a panel of members. Candidates are evaluated on a wide variety of criteria, with a focus on passion, work ethic, and a desire to Pay it Forward.

TUIT recruits during the beginning of fall and spring semesters. Interested applicants are advised to attend our information sessions and coffee chats each semester to gain more insight into the organization and its current members. Freshmen and sophomores from all majors are welcome to apply.

Spring 2019 recruiting is closed. If you are interested in joining TUIT, please check back in Fall 2019.