Our Story

Thank you for your interest in the Texas Undergraduate Investment Team (TUIT).

TUIT is the first, premier investment team at The University of Texas at Austin. Founded in 2007 by Eric Chang and James Peng, the organization offers members a tangible finance-oriented education, a culture of mentorship, and a network for career development. Members learn about investing and financial modeling through the qualitative and quantitative analysis, and we focus on developing critical thinking skills that are transferable to any career. TUIT also prides itself on its investment returns and strategy. Our small team dynamic and strong culture of mentorship helps each member pursue their own personal and career goals and ultimately Pay it Forward—our motto.

The original team consisted of only a few members, mainly juniors and seniors, and has now grown to include an average of 20-25 members from all academic years. Over time, members have pursued interests in investment banking, private equity, tech, consulting, graduate school, entrepreneurship, and much more. As a result, the team now has an extensive alumni network around the world who remain active in the development of the team.

The 2018-2019 academic year will mark our team’s 12th anniversary, and we look forward to building upon the organization’s accomplishments. If you are interested in applying to TUIT, please click on our Membership page for additional information.

We look forward to another rewarding and promising year.